Monday, January 24, 2011

Tips to Make Telemarketing Services More Effective


Telemarketing is one of the most effective means to keep an array of customers coming. However, an effective strategy needs to be applied in order to achieve success. When making a sales call you need first to decide the primary goal of your call, whatever your goals are you need to make sure that it is reflected well on the script. If you just want to earn the customer's trust on the first call then you need to change the script which is designed to make a sale.

Also, you need to spend more time researching your target market. When you have a clear demographic and know what their buying tendencies are sales calls will give you more strategic results.

In sales calls we all know that the first call is one of the most critical point in selling. That is where the importance of a working script comes in. The script should act as a guide and framework for a natural and directed conversation.

This is another important factor in telemarketing. You need to treat gatekeepers and secretaries with respect. Whether you like it or not they have the power to say no when you don't treat them well. They hold the key to transfer the call to the person who decides. Some calls are directed over layers of personnel. So if you treat these people respectfully there is a likelier chance for your call to be transferred properly.


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