Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How To Sell To Your B2B Leads Without The Price

For many entrepreneurs, the challenge of selling at a higher price can be a big hurdle in them getting the B2B leads that they need from their lead generation campaign. But it does not really come as a surprise. Given the market downturn recently, it is only natural that prospects will balk at the idea of paying more for a service. But there is a way to deal with that. This consists of making the price argument no longer an important issue. If you want to gain more business sales leads, you must be able to steer your talk away from price as the major deciding factor.

How do you do that?
  •  Know the customer's issue – more likely than not, price is not the real issue. It may be the service that your company offers, or the features that your products lack. Knowing these can help you decide on a better way to attract the attention of your b2b leads.
  •  Identify your weakness – if the issue is something that you can easily solve, then you ahead and make the proper adjustments. If it is something that is beyond you, then it is time for your telemarketing representatives to back away from the deal. If you have no chance to solve it then you might as well let it go.
  •  Expand what you offer – sometimes, a little more addition of features, services, and/or premiums may actually be a great way for you to attract more prospects better.
Sometimes, you just have to be more creative in you lead generation campaign to get the results that you want.


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